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    Facilities, fixed(0)
      Wellbores, development(3)
      Wellbores, exploration(4)
      Active exploration wellbores(5)
      Seismic surveys(7)
        Seismic surveys, pending(8)
        Seismic surveys, planned(9)
        Seismic surveys, ongoing(10)
        Seismic surveys, paused(11)
        Seismic surveys, cancelled(12)
      Electromagnetic surveys(13)
        EM, pending(14)
        EM, planned(15)
        EM, ongoing(16)
        EM, paused(17)
        EM, cancelled(18)
      Other surveys(19)
        Other surveys, pending(20)
        Other surveys, planned(21)
        Other surveys, ongoing(22)
        Other surveys, paused(23)
        Other surveys, cancelled(24)
      All surveys (for search)(25)
    Fields and Discoveries(26)
      Field, status(27)
      Discoveries included in fields(28)
      Discoveries not included in fields(29)
      Discoveries, all(30)
      Licencing, APA gross(32)
      Licencing, APA open(33)
      Licencing, Business Arrangement Area(34)
      Licencing, Area Fee Exemption(35)
      Licencing, Area with stratigraphic licencing(36)
      Production licence current, by operator(37)
      Production licence current(38)
      Production licence all(39)
      Licencing, Announced blocks(40)
      Faults and boundaries(42)
      Structural elements(43)
    Borders and areas(44)
      Sub areas(47)
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